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Influenza HIB




  Tetanus Tetanus Tetanus   PCV


  Pertussis Pertussis Pertussis   Measles


  Polio   Polio  Polio    Mumps Hepatitis A   Polio
  HIB HIB Influenza   Rubella Influenza   Measles
  PCV PCV PCV   Varicella     Mumps
  Rotavirus Rotavirus Rotavirus   Hepatitis A     Rubella
  Hepatitis B   Hepatitis B         Varicella
                Influenza (2)

The chart above shows what vaccines and at what age are given to your children!


Vaccine-Autism Link No Longer in Question

Excerpts by Byron Richards

Why Vaccines are a Problem

It is quite clear that the rate of autism in this country is directly time-associated with the increased numbers of vaccines given to children. The explosion in autism between 1987 and 1992 coincides with the tripling in the numbers of vaccines given to our children. While such data is not proof of cause and effect, it is significant and cannot be ignored by any responsible parent (it is ignored by the government and medical profession).

Numerous parents report taking their healthy child to the doctor, getting a barrage of vaccinations, having their child run a high fever, and their child never again being the same. THAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM THAT PARENTS SEE WITH THEIR OWN TWO EYES.

The current government strategy is to keep arguing about thimerosal and MMR vaccines – as they know they can create enough doubt to win that argument in the majority of the scientific community. What the government does not want to discussis the adjuvant in vaccines – which will clearly be shown to be the autism trigger.

Vaccines contain weakened "signatures" of a disease. By themselves they are not strong enough for the immune system to mount a response. This problem is solved by adding a "booster" compound called an adjuvant. An adjuvant does not contain any signature of the disease. Rather, the adjuvant initiates an inflammatory reaction (the first step in any immune response). The idea is to get the immune system revved up so that it can see the weakened disease and learn what it looks like so that if it ever sees it again it will be more prepared to fight it. This concept, in and of itself, has validity – but only given the right set of circumstances.

It is clear that those with autism have an excessively inflamed brain. If pressed, the CDC would likely argue that the brain inflammation is a result of the autism and that they need more studies to determine the cause. I will argue that they don't need any more studies at all and that the cause is blatantly obvious based on an understanding of existing science. The multiple inflammatory insults from the adjuvant in vaccines, at a rate of 1 in 150 cases, sets the brain on fire and causes autism. As an aside, and to a lesser extent (but just as important to society), a minor brush fire causes ADHD and impaired intelligence.

How Your Brain Works

The crumbling paradigm of Western medicine likes to break down body function according to convenient classifications such as nerves, immunity, hormones , etc. In reality your brain is a central processor of all systems in your body and thus has connections that link nerves, immune function, and hormones into one symphony of function. In other words, it is not possible to study only neurotransmitters like serotonin or dopamine and actually understand what your brain is doing.

Ten percent of the cells in your brain are neurotransmitter related. The other 90% are glial cells, also called astrocytes. For decades scientists thought that 90% of your brain was nothing more than a structural framework, simply because scientific tools were not adequate to understand what glial cells were doing, but that has changed in the past 10 years. Glial cells run your brain and your neurotransmitters. They are the brokers of all information coming into your brain – with direct links to your immune system and endocrine system (hormones).

Glial cells are the inflammation brokers in your brain. When stress, a toxin pollutant, or a destructive food additive (like MSG, aspartame, or food coloring) enter your brain they induce excitotoxic reactions that inflame brain cells. This inflammation is buffered primarily by the hormone
leptin and other antioxidants, a process that intimately involves the healthy function of glial cells.

the buffering anti-inflammatory capacity of glial cells is overloaded, then inflammation becomes chronic. Minimally, this results in brain wear and tear. It is the mechanism behind all accelerated brain aging and, depending on a person's genetic weaknesses and other health issues, leads to various states of early cognitive decline and nerve-related diseases of aging such as Alzheimer's.

There is also a point at which low grade brain inflammation catches fire. In adults with an established nerve network this causes a "power outage" in the head,
otherwise known as spreading depression. Such an event is typically triggered by emotional pain or physical pain of a prolonged nature or acute intensity (elevating substance P to abnormally high levels). Such trauma pushes struggling nerves over the edge.

The difference in a fetus or small child is that the
nervous system is still rapidly evolving. If the brain catches fire at this age proper development of the nerves can be seriously disturbed (the autism spectrum of disorders) or functionally impaired (ADHD, lower IQ).

The adjuvant in vaccine is pro-inflammatory; i.e., neurologically excitotoxic. That is intentional so as to boost the effectiveness of the vaccine. The problem comes about when giving so many of them at once, which can injure even a perfectly healthy child. Giving multiple adjuvants is like playing Russian roulette with a child's brain. Children with already inflamed nerves are at much higher risk for reacting to multiple vaccines, as their nerves have been conditioned to hyper-react. Don't think for a moment that Dr. Gerberding and other scientists at the CDC aren't fully aware of this issue.

Government Responsibility

Our government has the responsibility to prove the safety of any vaccination being recommended for broad public health, as part of an overall vaccine program. Our current knowledge of science, the immune system, and the brain would make it unlikely that broad vaccine programs could ever be approved for use today if they hadn't being going on for so long.

Our government is not only grossly negligent on the vaccine issue itself, but on numerous other true public health issues that pose a significant risk for brain inflammation in fetuses and children. The CDC, the EPA, and
the FDA all play large roles in creating huge autism risk for our population.

Space in this article only allows a few examples; there are many. Environmental pollution that is fat soluble can cross the placenta, exists in mother's milk, or occurs in the general
food supply fed to small children. Fat soluble toxins cross the blood-brain barrier and induce nerve inflammation.

Huge public health risks include widespread contamination of our food supply with fat soluble PCB toxins, a problem that would cost at least 50 billion dollars to clean up. Another example of broad exposure is the neurotoxic pesticides used on food (originally Nazi nerve gas agents). Another example is the military's poisoning of our water supply with perchlorate, a contaminant now found in breast milk of mothers across the country. This interferes with thyroid function in the baby, resulting in a serious risk for faulty brain development.

Another example is iron fortification of baby formulas, which encourages the growth of hostile
bacteria and Candida Albicans in the child's digestive tract; organisms that produce neurotoxic waste products. Another example is the use of antibiotics before age 1, which also encourages the growth of the very same hostile bacteria and Candida. C-Section deliveries also increased the risk for a hostile digestive terrain in the baby. Candida itself directly communicates to and promotes inflammation in the human immune system causing it to malfunction.

Yet another example is the widespread use of antidepressants by pregnant and nursing mothers, which drastically disturbs the evolving function of nerves and overall health of the fetus or baby. And then there is the vaccine preservative thimerosal (different than an adjuvant), which is a neuro-inflammatory in and of itself. And this is the short list.

All of these issues play a role as a percentage of the problem that induces friction in the developing nervous system of a fetus, baby, or young child and primes the nerves to hyper-react to vaccines. Each of these problems is a true public health problem because they are caused by industry and are allowed to continue by various vested interests. Each one will take tens of billions of dollars to fix. However, that is actually the responsibility of government – to fix costly and broad public health problems – not to make them worse.

The Genetic Red-Herring

The case of Hannah Poling has forced our government to show its hand – and a very weak hand it is. They will continue to bluff and confuse the public with scientific gibberish in an effort to misdirect. Their defense in the Poling case, even though they conceded the case, is that the child had genetic mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondria are the car engines in your cells that produce energy (ATP). ATP is the energy currency in your body, much like money in your wallet. You spend ATP, as needed, to do anything. Inflammation uses up ATP by causing your body to go into a hyper mode (like a 911 phone call). If ATP production is compromised then inflammation can run wild – contributing to the brain fire called autism.

True mitochondrial gene mutations are too rare to explain autism, so the government is trying to blame this mechanism in the Poling case to deflect the idea that vaccines are a risk for the majority.

What the government isn't saying is that, independent of a true genetic issue, mitochondria can be taxed into a state of stress that predisposes any child to autism risk. You don't need to have a gene mutation; that is simply a diversion and cover-up attempt.

Furthermore, the glial cells in your brain use ATP to communicate, a separate function than energy currency. This means that any time you run low in overall body energy, brain function is compromised and tilted into a pro-inflammatory mode. This is why stress makes you tired and causes you to feel physical wear and tear. It is also why any time you exercise, which conditions your body to make ATP more efficiently, your head feels better. When glial cells run low on ATP they enter a low grade chronic inflammatory mode – a condition that seriously predisposes to vaccine injury.

Reducing the Risk for Adverse Vaccine Reactions

The bottom line for any parent is to not expose their child to vaccines under circumstances that are likely to increase the odds of a brain fire that results in autism. Fewer vaccines in general, not giving so many at once, and giving them at older ages are all common sense.

Additionally, proper
nutrition during pregnancy, during lactation, and the overall fitness and health habits of the mother have a profound effect on having a child with a stronger nervous system. It is quite clear that the obesity hormone leptin is elevated in the blood of autistic children. This is a risk factor linked to obesity in the mother with consequent abnormal fetal programming of the developing brain which is then handicapped to buffer inflammation from toxic exposure like vaccines. ((http://www.wellnessresources.com/newsro... )

High leptin in the blood means that leptin isn't getting into the brain. Leptin is the primary buffer in the brain against inflammatory excitotoxic damage. This is why boys have four times the rate of autism compared to girls. Girls have naturally higher levels of protective leptin in their brains, mostly to help them get pregnant and nurse their children in later life. My books on leptin (Mastering Leptin and The Leptin Diet) explain how leptin works in much greater detail. A mother's health and eating habits, prior to and during
pregnancy , play a large role in the health of her baby's nervous system. ((http://www.wellnessresources.com/Books/... )

Likewise, family stress during pregnancy and early childhood development are important to how a child processes stress and consequent nerve inflammation. Conflicts between husband and wife, in front of a child (including a child in the womb), primes nerves to be inflamed. Providing a stable environment for mother and child is a main reason for the family unit – and in my opinion the responsibility of men.

Thus we see that there are multiple factors, some under your control and many that are not, acting in one way or another to prime the nerves into a chronic low-grade inflammatory state which sets the stage for increased risk of vaccine injury.

One of the very worst times to vaccinate a child is directly after an illness or surgery – which are highly inflammatory events. Unfortunately, doctors don't seem to understand health very well and it is often the case that the parent has brought the child to the doctor because of an illness or a follow up from some other medical procedure. At that time the doctor says "Oh, your vaccinations are not up to date." And then gives them to a child who is already neurologically inflamed. Such medical malpractice is a disaster, and common in this country.

Parents who have children with digestive problems, recurring infections, asthma, allergies, or any other sign of immune weakness should not vaccinate until such problems are fully resolved. These problems also indicate a high level of existing brain inflammation.





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