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APIZELIN HERBAL COMP   Lymph drainage, fortifier for the blood, boost liver, and immune system.

ARTEMISIA COMP.  Anti-parasite, cleanser of biliary system.

BARLEY COMP.   Fortifier for the arthritic . Provides alkaline ash minerals.

COHOSH COMP.   Fortifier for the female hormonal system, PMS, and hot flashes.

COLLONSONIA COMP  Fortifier for the veins and portal circulation.

DANDELION COMP.   Fortifier, cleanser and liver detoxification.

ECHINACEA COMP.   Fortifier for the immune system

GEN-2 COMP.   Hoxsey formula, formula for the blood, detox of entire system.

GOYU KOLA   May help increase oxygen to the brain.Fortifier for the brain and endocrine system,

GINKGO COMP    Tissue oxygenation, helps prevent platelets form sticking. Fortifier of general circulation.

HYDRANGEA COMP.   Fortifier for the liver and gallbladder. Aids in prevention of gallstones, decreases bile

KELP COMP.   Fortifier for the thyroid, increases metabolism.

LAPACHO PLUS COMP.   Breast lymphatic drainage, antifungal-bacterial, helps cell respiration.

MINERAL COMP.    Mineral tranquilizer, supplies trace elements.

PROPOLIS COMP.   Antiviral, fortifier for the immune system.

SCROFOLARIA COMP.    Eli Jones neoplastic tonic, lymphatic drainage.

GOLDEN ROD COMP.   Fortifier and detox for kidney and bladder.

TRIFOLA COMP.   Lymphatic cleanser for the breast, spleen. Endocrine system balancer.

VERMA COMP.   Fortifier of the colon. Parasite expulsion, works with vermosode.

PAU D’ARCO COMP   Anti-candida, antifungal, intestinal parasites. Immune system. Anti-viral-bacterial.

GERMAN BURDOCK   Essiac formula.  




CAT’S CLAW    Deep cellular cleanser (cellular phase-homotoxicology)

WILD YAM   Abdomen distended, Constipation, Nerves, Gallstone colic, Unbearable pain.



ALLERSODE-1   For temporary relief of GI dyspepsia with flatulence and bloating. Food Intolerance.

ALLERSODE-2   Sinus congestion, symptoms due to hay fever, and allergic rhinitis. Airborne allergens.

AMOEBASODE   Diarrhea, mucus in stools, intestinal bloating. Giardia Lamblia, and other amoebas.

BACSODE   For temporary relief of fever, sore throat, and other symptoms of bacterial infections.

CHEMSODE   Exposure to chemical toxicity, and exposure to pharmaceutical drugs.

COLOSODE   Digestive symptoms, with constipation, and bowel dysbyosis.

DENTAL-SODE   Pain and minor inflammation in the mouth or gums. Amalgam detox, and drainage.

EVSode    Fever, dyspepsia, muscular aches, and weakness associated with the flu, and EBV.

FNGSODE   Bloating , heartburn, and intolerance of dried fruits. Candida and other fungus.

HEPATASODE   For temporary relief of dyspepsia, flatulence, exhaustion, and nausea.

HEPATITIS-SODE   For temporary relief of symptoms associated with exposure to Hepatitis A, B, or C.

KREBS STIMULATOR   Enhances Cell respiration, should be used with all detoxosodes.

LYMESODE    Aches and pains of joints, and muscles. Chronic fatigue and other symptoms due to exposure to lyme bacteria.

METABOLISM PLUS    For temporary relief of fatigue, exhaustion, and slow metabolism.

METALOSODE   Vomiting, prostration, and metallic taste in mouth. Aids in detoxifying heavy metals.

NEUROSODE   Numbness, tingling, muscle cramps in extremities. Detox virus, and heavy metalsfrom brain, and nervous system.

RADIATION-SODE   Temporary relief of symptoms associated with exposure to radiation and computers.

RENASODE   Pain in the abdomen extending to back.Pain in thighs and loins on urination frequent urination. Detox virus and heavy metals form kidneys.

SYSTEMIC-SODE   Clears Med-Syph-Psor-Tub. miasm signals. General detoxification.

VAXOSODE   For temporary relief of skin irritation, dry cough,eczema. Effects of vaccinations.

VERMASODE   Itching of anus, colic, bloating, pain and constipation. Helps to relieve symptoms associated with parasite infestation.

VIROSODE   Fever-dyspepsia. Muscle aches...pains associated with flu, and viral infections.



ADRENAL TINCTURE    Nervous exhaustion, forgetfulness-support adrenal gland.

CEREBRAL TINCTURE    Nervous exhaustion, fatigue,confusion, forgetfulness. Trauma to the head.

CIRCULATION TINCTURE   Cold, clammy hands and feet. Pain in calve of legs. Poor circulation.

HEPATIC TINCTURE    Liver congestion. Bloating & soreness. Recovering form hepatitis or other liver disease.

HYPOTHALAMUS TINCTURE   Sarcode support for pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus.

IMMUNE TINCTURE   Weak immune system. Chronic viral or bacterial infections.

LYMPH TINCTURE   Lymphatic drainagae, sore throat. General lymphatic congestion.

KIDNEY TINCTURE    Sarcode support for kidney. Urination difficult.Urine scanty. Frequent urination.

OVARY TINCTURE   Painful menses, menstrual cramps.

PARATHYROID TINCTURE   Support for parathyroid. Arthritic tendencies. Weak skeletal structure.

STOMACH TINCTURE   Dyspepsia, nausea, aching. Bloating and gas. Poor digestion. Enzyme repair.

THYROID TINCTURE    Lowered metabolism. Thyroid dysfunction.





ALLERGY COMP.    Hay fever symptoms, sinus & bronchial congestion

CALCIUM COMP.    Helps to improve calcium metabolism.

CALMING COMP     May relieve anxiety and stress. Enhance restful sleep.

CEREBRAL COMP.  Assists in LD, dyslexia, cerebral trauma. Weak memory

DEPRESSION COMP.  Feelings of doom, anxiety, and depression.

DRAINAGE COMP.  Aids in lymphatic drainage, immune support, and cell respiration.

HEPATIC COMP.   Liver detoxifier. Homeopathic drainage of the liver.

HYDRATION COMP.    Dehydration, enhances electron transport.Ulcers

INFLAM-1 COMP.    Anti-inflammation in acute phase

INJURY COMP.   Acute injury, trauma.

NERVE PLUS COMP.     Neuralgia, neuritis, degenerative neurological disorders.



ESTROGEN   Temporary relief of mood swings, irregular menstrual periods. Headaches

PROGESTERONE   Temporary relief of hot flashes,Mood swings. Aching back

GABA     May help relieve depression, sadness, looping thoughts, feeling frustration or overwhelmed. calms the mind and shortens the time to fall asleep when taken right before bedtime.

HISTAMINE   May help dilates capillaries, Hay fever, Vertigo.



ADRENAL TONIC COMP.   Homeopathic sarcode support for the adrenal kidney.

KIDNEY TONIC-1 COMP.   Homeopathic sarcode support for the kidney-bladder.

LIVER TONIC-1 COMP.   Liver congestion, reaction & impregnation phase...homotoxicology.

LIVER TONIC-3 COMP.   Chronic liver congestion. Elevated cholesterol, liver toxicity.Impregnation phase-homotoxicology.

LYMPH TONIC-1 COMP.   Activation of the Humoral Phase, and connective tissue inflammation. For temporary relief of   glandular swelling with induration.

LYMPH TONIC-3 COMP   Activation of the Ground Matrix System in the degenerative to neoplastic stages of the cellular phase. For temporary relief of symptoms due to painful, chronically enlarged lymph glands. Exhaustion, and emaciation.



ARTHRITIS PLUS   For temporary relief of joint inflammation.

BAC PLUS   Detox bacterial toxins. Helps to erase cellular memory..

BRONCHI PLUS   Temporary relief of chronic coughing/upper respiratory.

CARDIO PLUS   For temporary relief of chest constriction, difficulty breathing, swelling of the ankles.

HYPERT PLUS  For temporary relief of kidney dysfunction and anxiety.

INSOMNIA PLUS  Temporary relief of fatigue and restlessness from inablility to sleep.

SINUS PLUS   Temporary relief of symptoms due to chronic catarrh.

VIRAL PLUS    Temporary relief of symptoms due to chronic viral exposure.



COLLOIDAL SILVER   Temporary relief of chronic viral and bacterial exposure.

OLIGO IODINE   Lowered metabolism, hypothyroid.



RESCUE REMEDY   For temporary relief of trauma, terror, panic.









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